How to store gold-plated jewelry

In addition to the correct cleaning of gold-plated sterling silver gems (see our how-to here), storage also plays an important role in the longevity of the jewelry. No matter if earrings, chains or rings, the gems always belong in high-quality jewelery boxes for storage. Not only are these in fashion, but they also serve their purpose. As an alternative, a soft cloth pad is also suitable to prevent scratches. Another possibility is to place the gold-plated silver jewelry in a specially provided airtight packaging. Basically, it is important not to expose the gold-plated gems to direct sunlight during storage. Dry room air with low humidity is best for longer storage.

General information on handling gold-plated sterling silver

In order for the lifestyle jewelry made of gold-plated sterling silver to keep its shine for as long as possible, in addition to the cleaning tips mentioned above, other rules must also be taken into account when wearing. In order to prevent unnecessary abrasion of the thin gold layer and to avoid exposing the gems to the pollutants in the air, it is mandatory to take off the gold-plated silver jewelry before demanding and everyday lifestyle activities. These include: gardening, exercising, going to the sauna, swimming, showering or bathing, cleaning, sleeping or doing DIY.

Because chemical cleaning agents, chlorine or salt water and also sweat attack the gold alloys, which leads to permanent damage. Direct contact with normal cosmetic products such as hand creams, perfume, hairspray or deodorant also damages the gold-plated sterling silver jewelry. In the worst case, it can lead to unsightly discoloration or permanent stains.

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