Sterling Silver: What it is and why it's so special

Sterling silver is often referred to as silver. However, silver is not to be equated with sterling silver. Gold-plated sterling silver is also often referred to as gold. However, there are big differences here. Fine silver is also called pure silver because it has a silver content of 99.9 percent. The silver is of great quality, but it is too soft to be used as a bracelet, chain, etc. That is why other metals are added to the fine silver. This makes the silver harder and easier to process. In this way, a fashion product is adapted to the needs of the wearer.

What material is sterling silver made of?

Sterling silver now designates an alloy. That is, pure silver was mixed with copper or the like. This makes a harder material that is easier to process. In addition, the jewelry is more durable and less sensitive to external influences. Sterling silver usually has a purity of 92.5 percent. The remaining 7.5 percent describe the added proportion. This can consist of copper, nickel or zinc, for example. In the case of coin silver, 90 percent or less is usually made up of silver. Therefore this alloy is a little less pure than sterling silver. Since sterling silver has a silver content of 92.5 percent, it is also called 925 silver. So you can see directly, which silver content is hidden in the jewelry.

Finishing: Plated sterling silver

Sterling Silber Kette 18K Gold Plattierung

To prevent tarnishing, the silver pieces are often coated. This thin layer of real silver or real gold has a number of uses. The result is a better shine and the overall result looks better. In addition, different looks can of course be achieved with different coatings. Watch out for products being "sterling coated". This means that the product has only been coated with sterling silver – in the interior there is often copper, nickel or another metal. These pieces are often more expensive than they should be. Look for real sterling silver with a gold oder silver plating. These items are more affordable than real gold or silver but offer a similar long lasting shine and durability. A gold coating is usually long-lasting and makes the internal materials less susceptible to external influences. The lifestyle product is ideal for everyday life or festive events.

Check out the ODEA Premium Line, where every piece is made out of sterling silver with 14K-18K gold plating.

What is sterling silver? Conclusion

Sterling silver is not pure silver, but it shouldn't be. Here it is often assumed that the degree of purity says something about the quality, for example the shelf life. It does, too, but not in the sense of harder, more resistant materials. It must always be kept in mind that a product made of pure silver can hardly be worn and that it needs a certain addition of other materials to make it durable and convenient to wear. Therefore sterling silver is a great alternative for anyone looking for quality, style and durability.

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