Which earrings for short hair?

Creoles, hangers or or would you prefer small plugs? The market is full of different types of earrings. But not all of these will suit every hair length. Which earrings for short hair? We present the seven most beautiful ideas.

1. Statement hoop earrings

For many of us, creoles are standard styling equipment. If you have short hair, you can opt for slightly wider, curved creoles. Due to the shortened hair length, most of the fullness is on the sacrificial head - the chin area can still tolerate a little volume, so that a harmonious, balanced overall picture is created. That's why we like to use statement hoop earrings that set clear accents.

2. Long dangle earrings

Due to the short hair length, earring types come into question that are difficult with long hair. For example, long, filigree earrings - they would be completely lost on XXL manes. On the other hand, pendant earrings go all the better with short hair. A nice contrast between long and short!

3. Big studs

Mini studs are discreet everyday companions that are long-running in the jewelry sector. A short hairstyle can also handle the abundance of larger studs - how practical that this shape is more popular in 2021 than ever before!

4. Which earrings for short hair? Ear cuffs

A short hair length gives us a clearer view of the ears. Also on areas that are covered with long, loose hair - such as the side area of ​​the auricle. Fortunately, there are also earrings that embellish this area. We are talking about the so-called ear cuffs, which you can quickly clip to your ear and thus provide a refined detail. Stylish!

5. Drop Earrings

With the so-called drop earrings, precious stones are usually used, which are processed into a teardrop shape. An elegant and timeless look that comes into its own with a short hair length.

6. Round pendant

You will probably see this earring style more often in 2021: a long shape with a larger pendant that completes the piece of jewelry at the bottom. A wonderful idea for everyone with short hair and those who want a narrower face. Because this earring design visually elongates the face shape!

7. Which earrings for short hair? Multiple earrings

As the saying goes: Two is better! Anyone who has always wanted to have one ear pierced twice or more shouldn't hesitate any longer with short hair. The modern cut tolerates a lot of earrings - therefore several earrings worn next to each other go perfectly with a short hairstyle.

Which earrings for short hair? Hopefully these looks gave you new ideas. If you haven't had enough, we have more jewelry ideas here in our guide on jewelry trends for 2021.

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